K-Pack’s MBR is an indigenous membrane reactor-based design technology developed to meet stringent treated water quality for sewage wastewater.  

K-Pack MBR operates on the principle of biological/bacterial treatment. Raw untreated wastewater is sent to the MBR reactor using a pre-filter screen to prevent any larger debris, plastics, etc. clogging the reactor. K-Pack MBR module is a bioreactor fitted with the necessary set of air diffusers and filtration membrane with a pore size ranging from 0.1 microns to 0.01 microns. The residence time of wastewater within the reactor is controlled by the drawing rate from the membrane module. Treated water is drawn from the reactor using a suitable pump. As the pore size of the membrane is too small to allow any bacteria or other contaminants to pass through,  the treated water at the outlet of the membrane is clean with reduced organic content. This water is thereafter dosed with necessary chlorine for disinfection and sent for eventual reuse or discharge.


-Better COD/BOD reduction compared to ASP,  MINA FM, and others.

-Lower sludge production

-Higher nutrient removal compared to the conventional process

-Lower footprints are required

-Better treated water quality

Why K-Pack MBR?

In a conventional biological treatment process, the bioreactor and gravity clarifier are two separate units limiting the MLSS handled by the process. This limitation leads to a higher footprint of the plant and higher sludge volume. In the contemporary process, though the footprint and sludge are less, the plant is tricky to operate as there needs to be a precise biological film development on the carrier. This biological film carrier limits the treatment capacity of the process and also requires more energy compared to the activated sludge

process. Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) based platform decouples reaction and clarification,  making operation at higher MLSS possible. Also,  as a majority of the bacterial mass is in suspension,  the efficiency is better than its contemporary. Thus, MBR based system

by K-Pack is a very powerful tool to treat sewage wastewater in the most stringent of conditions.  In the K-Pack MBR process, sewage treatment operates at a very high MLSS  (Mixed  Liquor Suspended Solid) compared to other conventional Activated Sludge processes leading to significant benefits in space,  time, and performance.

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