DAF [Dissolved Air Floatation Unit] is an indigenous K-Pack design for the removal of free, emulsified oil and suspended solids [TSS]. The impurities such as oil, TSS, part of the color, and turbidity removal are achieved by dissolving air in the water at 4.5 bar pressure [using various designs such as multi-stage side channel pumps, air dissolving tubes (ADTs) or high-pressure saturation vessels] which is then releasing it in atmospheric designed DAF tank. This results in tiny air bubbles, that adhere to the impurities resulting in buoyancy resulting in floating on the top layer of wastewater in the DAF tank. The heavier solids are removed from the DAF bottom using the hoppers/screw augor/peripheral scrappers mechanism. 

K-Pack has majorly two different DAF models: PWF series and PWL series.

The PWF series is a rectangular-only type DAF in which the separation area is provided by the projected corrugated plate that is spaced with a 30 mm distance at a 60-degree angle inclination. The design is compact when compared with conventional PWL series DAF units. 


PWL DAF series is designed in rectangular or circular modules providing the area of separation in the form of length x breadth or Diameter of the tank. 

Application: food industry, paper & pulp industry, textile industry, tannery, meat processing units, automobiles, refinery, kitchen waste effluent treatment, dye industry, desalination process, pharmaceutical effluent, CETP effluent, electroplating industry, steel & cement manufacturing units., etc


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