CFS [Cross-Flow Separator] is a unique indigenous K-Pack design, designed to remove oil and TSS. As the name indicates, this gravity-type oil-water separator is designed in such a way that the oil and TSS flow out will be perpendicular to the inlet flow of wastewater into the unit, resulting cross-flow pattern. The separation is defined by Stoke’s law which used differences in densities of oil, and TSS to that of wastewater. Because of the flow pattern, the removal efficiency of oil and TSS can be achieved by up to 90%.

The area required for the separation is provided by a horizontally projected corrugated plate which is spaced at a distance of 30-50 mm at an angle inclination of 55 degrees. The wastewater, when it passes through the inclined plates leads to oil agglomeration and rises to the top layer of the wastewater which is then scooped off using a manually operated slotted pipe oil skimmer or using a motorized chain skimmer, depending on the oil type. The heavy solids slide down the plate pack and are collected in the conical hopper bottom. 


CFS can also be combined with coagulation and flocculation units prior, to increasing the settlement of suspended solids.

Application: leachate treatment, food industry, pre-treatment processes. 

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