Designed to remove heavier suspended solids [TSS] from the wastewater, lamella is an indigenous design of K-Pack. The gravity settler, where effluent/wastewater flows through evenly spaced [usually between 50mm to 80mm] plate pack media and overflows into the outlet launder providing clearer water free of TSS. The counterflow fashion flow between wastewater and the suspended solids results in TSS removal of up to 90%. 

Usually, the separated sludge slides down the plate pack media and will be collected at the conical hoppers-this design is usually referred to as lamella counterflow.  When the effluent flow rate is very high, constructing conical sludge hoppers becomes tedious and uneconomical in which case, peripheral central-driven sludge scrapper mechanisms are used which are referred to as lamella clarifiers. 

Applications: leachate treatment for solid separation, desalination, river water treatment, borewell water treatment, STP application., etc

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