Turnkey Project Solutions in ETP,WTP and WWTP

Global environmental awareness and environmental legislation requires companies to operate in an environmentally acceptable way. End product users insist upon finest environmental standards in deciding to purchase a product. So an economical solution is needed to install equipment and systems to achieve all these parameters.

K-Pack offers Turnkey Solution to all Industrial manufacturers to reduce cost of raw material and fresh water while reducing consumption of these valuable inputs.

We help optimize effluent discharge thus creating efficient and cost effective operation, by reducing waste and recycling water.

We provide treatment plants for industries which include:

• Food and beverage

• Dairies Industry

• Leather

• Petrochemical Plants

• Textile dyers & washer

• Rubber and many more

Wastewater Treatment when run efficiently in a manufacturing unit can give substantial cost savings in all areas including -

• Primary Treatment

• Biological

• Secondary

• Tertiary

• Sludge

Our Turnkey Solutions include Water Treatment Plants also in which we offer:

• Drinking / Potable water

• Water softening

• Lamella clarifier

• Clear flocculation

• Filters

• Reverse Osmosis

• Chlorination units

• Ozone treatment

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