Sewage Treatment Plant

There are different types of STP technologies like SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor), ASP (Activated Sludge Process), AAP (Advanced Activation Process), MBR (Membrane Bio Rector), MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor), etc. As OEMs of ETP, WWTP and STP K Pack Systems have access to various technology which we have installed at client locations directly or worked with EPCs, Consultants and 3rd parties. K Pack has advanced knowledge on SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor), AAP (Advanced Activation Process), MBR (Membrane Bio Rector) processess. The advantages of this new STP are : - Much cheaper in cost about half that of current STP’s - No sludge generated - Can be totally underground and smaller in size, hence much better usage of land - Lower electricity consumption and lower use of chemicals - Much easier to maintain

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